How to detect and measure radon accurately

picture of a house with green grass in backyard


Radon is a colorless, tasteless, odorless gas and is highly carcinogenic. The combination of all these properties makes it a very dangerous substance. So why should the average layman be concerned? The simple explanation is that it is a naturally occurring gas. It forms when small amounts of uranium in rock and soil and even ground water, begins to break down. That is why all humans are potentially capable of being exposed to this gas. In fact, Radon is the second biggest cause of lung cancer. Read more about radon.


How to find and deal with Radon?

The good news is that Radon can be detected. One such company that has the most amount of experience in Radon detection is Radanova. They have been in the business of Radon detection since the early eighties.

picture of a house with green grass in backyard


The problem is that Radon is not only located in natural substances but in building materials also. This means the building you are sitting in, whether it is a school, office or your home, has the potential possibility of Radon exposure. In fact, the EPA has stated the acceptable amount of Radon that can be present. If the levels reach 4 pCi/L or higher, then it is considered to be unsafe.

Radanova offers two basic products to help test Radon. The Radtrak^2 and Rapidos. The Radtrak^2 is designed to do long term or ongoing detection. Once it is installed it can be returned to Radanova for testing. All test results are kept confidential. The results are sent back to the customer in approximately seven business days.

The second product is Rapido and as the name suggests it is designed for faster testing. It is designed more for one-time testing, as opposed to ongoing testing. As with the Radtrak^2, the detector can be sent back and a report will be done confidentially.


What are some of the benefits of going with Radanova?

Radanova has achieved the ISO 17025 certification. The company also complies with European Union accreditation standards. All of this means that Radanova checks and calibrates their equipment on a regular basis, employees are put through rigorous training and refresher courses which all translates to measurements of the highest quality.

At the end of the day, why are accreditations and certifications important? The reason is that once a certification is given, the company is not simply forgotten by the authorities. In Radanovas case, there is ongoing checks and balances to ensure the company is following strict protocols. This ensures that you, the customer keeps getting good products and customer service. This is vital when you are talking about people’s safety and wellbeing, whether it is a home, school or office


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